BIOL 2190 Principles of Nutrition (FALL, 2009)





BIOL 2190   Principles of Nutrition

CRN: 80509

Credit Hours: 3


*  Instructor:  Dr. Mark E. Knauss

*  Lecture Times/Location:  MW 8:00-9:15AM / W-200

*  Office:  W-338

*  Phone:  706-368-7535 

*  Office Hours:    TR 2:00-4:00PM, R 8:00-10:00AM

*  Email:

*  Midterm Date: 10-13-09 (Last day to withdraw with a “W”)

*  Course Description:  This course covers the fundamental principles of human nutrition from a biological perspective.  Included will be the study of the major nutrient classes, nutrition and related diseases, role of major nutrients, consumer concerns about foods, and the requirements of various stress groups.  Prerequisites:  BIOL 1010, 2107, or 2121 with a grade of C or better or consent of instructor. [Georgia Highlands College Catalog 2007-2009].

*  Georgia Highlands College Educational Effectiveness Goal for Science:  Students will demonstrate knowledge of the fundamental concepts of at least one scientific discipline, and an understanding of the interplay between theory and experimentation/observation undergirding those concepts.

*  Georgia Highlands College Student Learning Outcomes for Science:

    1.       Students will demonstrate competency of one discipline in the sciences in
terms of its informational content.

    2.       Students will demonstrate competency of one discipline in the sciences in
terms of its terminology.

    3.       Students will demonstrate competency of one discipline in the sciences in
terms of its commonly used units of measurement.

    4.  Students will demonstrate the ability to operate basic instrumentation, gather data, analyze data, and generate conclusions in a laboratory or observational setting.

    5.       Students will demonstrate the ability to apply discipline content to problem

*  Course Objectives (Student Outcomes specific to BIOL 2190): 

1.         BIOL 2190 students will be able to define a nutrient and will be able to describe the commonly employed nutrient reference values such as DRI, ERA, RDA, AI, UL, and DV.

2.         BIOL 2190 students will be able to identify and describe the anatomical structures and physiological processes associated with the breakdown, absorption and metabolism of nutrients within the human body.

3.         BIOL 2190 students will be able to identify and describe the six classes of nutrients utilized by humans as well as the deficiencies and excesses associated with each.

4.         BIOL 2190 students will be able to identify and describe the process of alcohol production as well as the metabolism, benefits, and health problems associated with the consumption of alcohol.

5.         BIOL 2190 students will be able to identify the various types of eating disorders and describe the risk factors, common symptom, physiological and psychological effects, and treatments of each.

6.         BIOL 2190 students will be able to discuss the relationship between exercise and weight control and nutrient consumption and metabolism.

7.         BIOL 2190 students will be able to identify and describe the changing nutrient requirements during pregnancy, infancy, adolescence, and adulthood.

8.         BIOL 2190 students will be able to identify and describe both the basic principles of food safety and the organisms associated with food borne illnesses.

9.         BIOL 2190 students will be able to identify and describe the basic principles of food production, food preservation, and food labeling.

10.      BIOL 2190 students will be able to identify, analyze, and discuss their own dietary requirements and health status.

*  Lecture Text:  Wardlaw and Hampl. 2009. Perspectives in Nutrition, 8th ed. McGraw-Hill. [This text comes with a CD-ROM that will be used in constructing the Diet Analysis Report; if a student purchases a used text, he or she should be certain that the CD-ROM accompanies the used book being purchased]

*  Lecture Attendance Policy:  Attendance will be monitored.  While attendance is not a formal component of the final course grade, the daily assessment exercise is a component of the grade.  Any student exceeding 7 absences (25% of the lecture class meetings) will be administratively withdrawn from the course.

*  Lecture Grading Policy:  The course grade is computed from student performance on assessments as follows (see italicized example at right): 


                                Exam 1                                      100 pts                 63  (dropped) *

                                Exam 2                                      100 pts                 75

                                Exam 3                                      100 pts                 89

                                Daily Assessment Exercise       100 pts                90

                                Report: Dietary Supplements    100pts                 85

                                Diet Analysis Report                  100 pts                85

                                Final Exam                                  200 pts              124 (62%)

                                COURSE TOTAL                           800 pts              548


*Note:  the lowest exam grade (Exams 1-3) will be dropped.


                Lecture Grade = Sum of Student Scores / 700 X 100              548/700 X 100   =  78.2

The course grade will be rounded up to the nearest whole number.       Example:  78.2 = 79

                The letter grade for the course will be determined from the following scale:

                                                A             90-100

                                                B              80-89                                                         Example: 79

                                                C              70-79                                                         Letter Grade = C

                                                D             60-69

                                                F              0-59










                                                               DESIRED COURSE GRADE!




*  Lecture Exams – Description: 

Each lecture exam is a 50 item assessment with Multiple Choice and Matching questions.

The final exam is a 100 item cumulative assessment with Multiple Choice and Matching questions.

The student should be in the possession of at least two sharpened No. 2 pencils at each exam.


*  Daily Assessment Exercise Description:  There will be a brief, unannounced exercise at the conclusion of each of 10 different lecture class meetings.  Each exercise will concentrate on the information presented during that day’s lecture.  Each exercise is worth a possible 10 points.  The student must be in attendance on that day to get the points.  There are no make-ups allowed.

*  Report: Dietary Supplements:  Information on minor elements, trace elements, water soluble, and fat soluble vitamins will be partially covered in lecture, although a certain representative body of information on these topics will be required knowledge for the appropriate exam.  The student will submit a report on dietary supplements in which the student will critically evaluate the nutritional value of TWO marketed brands of supplements and the nutritional claims of each, using information from lecture, information from the text, and information from documented websites to support the evaluation.  The instructor will distribute detailed instructions for completion of this assignment later in the semester.

*  Diet Analysis Report – Description:  General instructions for this report are found in Appendix G of the lecture text.  The instructor will distribute detailed instructions for completion of the assignment later in the semester.

*  Academic Irregularity Policy:  Cheating is strictly prohibited. Any evidence of cheating, or collaboration in cheating will result in a grade of zero for that assignment and possible further disciplinary action which may include failure in the course.  Please access the following URL address to view your “Rights and Responsibilities”:

*  Lecture Make-up Policy:  The professor will email PowerPoint© files in advance of the lectures TO THE STUDENT’S GHC EMAIL ACCOUNT.  [Note that the student should be sure to have activated his or her email account with the college and should check it regularly].  The student can print handouts that will include an image of each slide and spaces for taking notes.  [Note that the student should have access to a computer that is supplied with Microsoft Office©, which has the PowerPoint© program that will allow printing of handout pages].  Should a student miss a regularly scheduled lecture, the student is responsible for getting the lecture information from classmates.  There will be no make-up opportunities for missed exams; the student who has missed an exam should be aware that the missed exam grade will be scored as a 0%. 

*  Important Note about Lectures:  During lectures, the professor will make constant reference to relevant figures in the text.  As these text figures will not be integrated into the PowerPoint slides, the student will be expected to bring his/her text to class so that he or she will be able to personally view them as they are being discussed.

*  Cell Phones.  Students in this course will be sure to have their cell phones turned off as they enter the class room (vibration mode is not acceptable), unless the student prearranges an exception with the professor (the professor will assess the legitimacy of the reason).  A student may not leave the classroom for reasons of a personal call - all personal calls must wait until the conclusion of class.

·         Offenses in Class.  If a student's cell phone should ring in class, the professor will stop lecture and that student will be asked to leave the class room for the remainder of the class meeting.  A habitual offender (3 or more offenses) will be debited 10 points on their final lecture grade.

·         Offenses during an Exam.  If a student's cell phone should ring during an exam, that student will be asked to hand in their exam and leave the class room.  The student will receive a 0 on the exam.

*  School Closing:  If there is inclement weather, the college posts necessary announcements on the web site.  Cancellation notices will be reported to the local radio stations and WXIA-TV in Atlanta.

*  Disability Policy:  Any student who feels they may need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability should make an appointment with the College Access Center (706-802-5003) to coordinate reasonable accommodations.  The student is welcome to contact the professor to privately discuss his or her specific needs.

*  Message for Students Receiving Financial Aid:  Federal regulations state that if a student did not attend classes and received failing grades, then the grades were not earned and financial aid needs to be reduced accordingly.  Please be advised that any student receiving a 0.00 GPA will be required to prove that the 0.00 GPA was earned by attending classes or completing requirements for each class.  Students who have earned at least one passing grade for the semester will not be affected by this regulation.  If a student has properly withdrawn from all classes, the student’s financial aid should be adjusted from the time they signed the withdrawal form.

*  Communications Concerning Grades:  Grades will be only communicated to the student via personal “face-to-face” communication.  Personal privacy issues demand that there will be no emails sent to students informing them of grades of any kind (exam grades, assignment grades, course grades, etc.).  The student should be aware that the professor will not respond to any email requesting a grade report of any kind.  If the student desires to review his or her assigned grades, either during the semester or after final grades are assigned, he or she should make an appointment with the professor to review them in the professor’s office.


*  Course Schedule:

Date    Day      Lecture Topic                                                 

081909 W           Class 1.  Syllabus, Ch 1                                        

082409 M           Class 2.  Ch 2                                             

082609 W           Class 3.  Ch 3                                                                        

083109 M           Class 4.  Ch 3                                        

090509 W           Class 5.  Ch 4                                        

090709 M           NO CLASS TODAY                                                                                

090909 W           Class 6.   Ch 4                                                                       

091409 M           Class 7.   Ch 4                       

091609 W           Class 8.   Ch 5                                                                        

092109 M           Class 9.  EXAM 1 (Ch 1-4)                  

092309 W           Class 10.  Ch 5                                                      

092809 M           Class 11   Ch 6                                      

093009 W           Class 12   Ch 6                                                                     

100509 M           Class 13.  Ch 7                      

100709 W           Class 14.  Ch 7                                         

101209 M           Class 15.  Ch 8      

101309 T             MIDTERM

101409 W           Class 16. Ch 9                                                                       

101909 M           Class 17. EXAM 2 (Ch 5-8)                                       

102109 W           Class 18. Ch 10                                                                

102609 M           Class 19. Ch 11                                       

102809 W           Class 20. Ch 12                                                                    

110209 M           Class 21. Ch 12                                    

110409 W           Class 22. Ch 13                                                                    

110909 M           Class 23. EXAM 3 (Ch 9-12) 

111109 W           Class 24. Ch 14                                                     

111609 M           Class 25. Ch 14                    

111809 W           Class 26. Ch 15 

112309 M           Class 27.  Ch 16                                         

112509 W           NO CLASS TODAY

113009 M           Class 28. Ch 17 Diet Analysis Report Due 

120209 W           Class 29. Ch 18

120709 M           Class 30. Ch 18 Dietary Supplements Report Due HH HH

120809 T             READING DAY

120909 W           (8AM) FINAL EXAM (Cumulative Ch 1-18)