Self-directed Study – Diseases of the Eye (Chapter18)



1. List 2 bacterial causes of neonatal conjunctivitis.




2. List the 4 most common causes of bacterial conjunctivitis in other age groups.






3.  List the most common cause of viral conjunctivitis.





1.  What is the definition of ocular trachoma?





2.  Describe pannus, one of the hallmark signs of Trachoma.






1. Describe how Keratitis is a more serious disease than Conjunctivitis.





2. What is the most common cause of Keratitis in the absence of trauma?       




River Blindness

1. Identify the name of the helminth that causes River Blindness and the vector that transmits it.




2. What is the bacterium that lives inside the worm and is thought to cause damage to human tissues?