Use the following diagrams to identify and spell the labeled structures.

Male reproductive system (figure 27.1)

Scrotum and spermatic cord (figure 27.2)

Structure of testis (figure 27.3)

Male reproductive anatomy (figure 27.4)

Female reproductive system (figure 27.11)

Ovary structure (figure 27.12)

Internal female reproductive anatomy (figure 27.14)

External genitalia (figure 27.16)

Mammary glands (figure 27.17)


Embryology diagrams:

Developmental stages (figure 28.1)

Sperm penetration (figure 28.2)

Meiotic divisions (figure 28.3)

Zygote to blastocyst (figure 28.4)

Implantation and early embryonic development (figure 28.7abc)

Early embryo (figure 28.7fg)