These blank diagrams may be helpful for identification of the structures required for both lecture and lab.  These may also be helpful for practicing your spelling.  Good Luck!

Odd Diagrams

Figure 19.1 (Artery and Vein Layers)

Figure 19.11 (Pulse Points)

Figure 19.17 (Pulmonary vs. Systemic Circuits)



Figure 19.19 (Major Arteries)

Figure 19.20 (Head and Neck Arteries)

Figure 19.21 (Right Upper Limb and Shoulder Arteries)

Figure 19.22 (Abdomen Arteries #1)

Figure 19.22 (Abdomen Arteries #2)

Figure 19.22 (Abdomen Arteries #3)

Figure 19.23 (Right Pelvis and Lower Limb)



Figure 19.24 (Major Veins)

Figure 19.25 (Head and Neck Veins)

Figure 19.26 (Right Upper Limb and Shoulder Veins)

Figure 19.27 (Abdomen Veins #1)

Figure 19.27 (Abdomen Veins #2)

Figure 19.28 (Right Pelvis and Lower Limb)