CHAPTER SIX                                                                                  PRACTICE QUIZ


  1. A fracture in which a bone is broken into many pieces would be classified as a _____________________ fracture.


  1. Blood cell formation that occurs within the bone marrow is called ______________________.


  1. A Haversian canal may contain ___________________, _________________, and __________________.


  1. A narrow slitlike opening generally between tow bones is called a ___________________.


  1. A long bone forms by a process know as _________________________ ossification.


  1. ____________________ are multinucleated cells specialized for the breakdown of bone.


  1. _____________________ is a disease of the bone in which bone reabsorption outpaces bone deposition.


  1. A round or oval hole through a bone that contains blood vessels and or nerves is called a ______________.


  1. _________________ bone marrow contains large amounts of fat and is located in the medullary cavity of adults.


  1. The scapula is classified as which shape of bone? ___________________________


  1. The external ears are a site of ____________________ cartilage.


  1. Name one location of fibrocartilage in the body. __________________________________


  1. Too much growth hormone as an adult results in a condition called ______________________________.


  1. The ____________________ hormone causes the development of bone by the action of osteoblasts.


  1. Name three bones of the axial skeleton. ________________, _________________, and _______________.


  1. The scientific term for a small rounded process used for muscle attachment is _________________.


  1. Other than calcium, name one ion commonly stored in bone. ___________________________


  1. The outer membrane around bone is called the _____________________________.


  1. The shaft of a long bone is called the ________________________________.


  1. The horizontal canals extending from the Haversian canal of compact bone are called _______________.


  1. Growth in the length of long bones occurs at the _________________________ plate.


  1. An arm-like bar of a bone is called the _________________________.


  1. The development of flat bones occurs by a process known as _________________________ ossification.


  1. The first step in bone repair after a fracture is ________________________ formation.


  1. ________________________ cells differentiate to form osteoblasts and osteocytes.


  1. Name one example of an irregular shaped bone. _____________________________________


  1. Growth from the outside of a bone that results in an increase in bone width is called __________________.