Nursing Major Advising: Several Things to Consider

If you are a student who wishes to be successful in completing the prerequisites for the nursing program as well as applying and gaining entrance into the program, then the following should be considered:

1.    What is your vision of what it takes to be competitive and successful?

a.      What is your perspective of what it takes to gain entrance into an allied health program?

b.      What are you willing to do or what life changes are you willing to make in order to be successful?

c.      NOTE: A MINIMUM cumulative GPA of 2.5 in the required general academic courses and a grade of C or better are required in BIOL 2121, BIOL 2122, BIOL 2161, ENGL 1101 and Math 1001 or 1111.

d.      Do you know what your GPA is and how does it compare to the minimum?

2.    Full time versus part time status?

a.      Have you ever been a full time college student?

b.      If so, how successful were you?

c.      If not, what do you think is required for a full time student to be successful? i.e., how much time and effort does it take outside the class in order to be successful?

3.    Taking a math and a science course simultaneously?

a.      When was the last time you took both a math and science simultaneously?

b.      How well do you think the average college student does taking both courses simultaneously?

c.      How much time and preparation do you think it takes to be successful in both courses?

4.    Entrance exams – SAT and TEAS are REQUIRED

a.      Have you taken either or both exams?

b.      If so, how well did you do?

c.      If not, how well do you think you would do?

d.      If you scored under the required minimum, what strategies will you employ to close the gap?

e.      NOTICE: if you cannot score a minimum of 830 on the SAT you are not eligible for entrance into the nursing program

f.       Information on both exams:

                                                    i.     SAT test (minimum score of 830), official website: Note: Students with a Bachelors degree from an accredited college in the U.S. are not required to take the SAT

                                                   ii.     TEAS test (recommended composite 80% or above), official website:

5.    Taking into consideration all of the above…

a.      What now?

b.      What is your overall plan?

c.      Who is your advisor?