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Georgia Highlands College has been granted an exemption by the Board of Regents for the University System of Georgia from the Regents' Test requirement, effective Spring 2010.  We no longer give the Regents' Test of writing and reading skill. 

 Students who complete ENGL 1101 and ENGL 1102 at Georgia Highlands College with a grade of C or better are considered to have met the Regents' Test requirement.  If students complete these courses at GHC, or receive transfer credit for these courses at GHC with a grade of C or better, they are not required to take the Regents' Test if they transfer to another school in the University System of Georgia. 

The exemption is immediate but not retroactive.  A student who completed all graduation requirements in a term prior to Spring 2010 except for passing the Regents' Test is still required to pass the Regents' Test before he or she can graduate.  A student who re-admits to the college in Spring 2010 and takes at least one class that has ENGL 1102 as a prerequisite will be covered under the exemption and will not have to complete the Regents' Test in order to graduate.

 If you still need to take the Regents' Test, you can contact our partner institutions, the University of West Georgia ( and Kennesaw State University (, both of which still give the test. 

 GHC's exemption is based on our student learning outcomes system, which continues to grow and mature.  We regularly review and adjust our assessment measures to insure that they inform us about adequate skill levels in reading and writing among all of our students.

Any questions may be directed to Dr. Diane Langston,






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