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General Information -Web Based Math2200  

Online MATH2200 is designed for those who need flexibility in their schedule, feel comfortable communicating by email, have some experience using the Internet, and are self-motivated.  It is a great way to learn at home and with a course based on interesting projects that use real data in an online course.  The only on-campus meetings are the Mandatory orientation and a proctored final exam.

What is the work load?

            Since this is a 3 hour course, in general, students can expect to spend 3 to 12 hours a week involved in course work.  However, if your computer is at your home, you will save the drive time of going to and from campus twice a week. In addition, there are times when you can complete assignments ahead of the course schedule which may help with your time management and balancing your other responsibilities.

 What about the Course Materials and delivery?

The course uses GeorgiaView Vista8 to delivery the syllabus, weekly assignments, projects, and discussion area.  The lessons, quizzes, and exams are accessed by using the Hawkes Learning Systems CD and Web site.  The course is setup around weekly pages that guide students through the weeks assignments.  While the textbook and Hawkes CD are the primary resource, each weekly page will contains links to other resources to help you learn.

Mandatory Attendance

You must attend one of the Mandatory Orientation session that are listed in the GHC Academic Classes schedule.  If you do not attend one of these, you will be withdrawn from the course. All other work will be completed online.  In addition, you may be required to take a proctored on-campus final exam.

Required Materials:

  1. Textbook: Beginning Statistics, (2008) by Warren, Denley, and Atchley (
  2. Hawkes Learning Systems CD provided with text in a bundle
    ISBN: 1-932628-12-6 or 978-1-932628-12-8
  3. Calculator: Each student taking this course needs access to a TI-83 or TI-84 graphing calculator.   Students are required to use their calculator while participating in class, on quizzes, projects, on the final exam, and completing homework exercises.  
  4. Reliable Internet access.
  5. You are only required to attend in person 1 orientation meeting, and possibly an on-campus final exam*. 
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While there are specific due dates for assignments, discussions, projects, quizzes, and the exam, there will be a minimum time period of 48 hours for the completion of each quiz and the final exam. Your grade in this course will be based on the following:


Individual Point value

Group Point Value

Best 30 out of 31 Certified Assignment



Best 10 of 11 Online Discussions



4 Projects



Ten  Online Quizzes



Midterm Exam (online)



Final Exam (Proctored)






Your Total Points = Best 30 out of 31 Certified Assignments + Best 10 of 11 Online Discussions + 10 Online Quizzes + 4 Projects + Midterm Exam + Final Exam

A letter grade will be assigned based on the total number of points that you earn. The following scale will be used:

            Course Grade      {Your Total Points/800) X 100%}

                        A                                 90% - 100%

                        B                                 80% - 89%

                        C                                 70% - 79%

                        D                                 60% - 69%

                        F                                  below 60%

For more information, contact Dr. Jeffrey Linek at 678-872-8065 or

*At the time this document was created, the online final exam policy of GHC was under review. 
**There number of discussions, projects and quizzes may be reduced over the summer session.
*** The number and type of assignments in this list is subject to change.  This list is intended as a general guide.



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