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General Academic Courses

         ENGL 1101                     

         HIST 1000 or (POLS 1101 and HIST 2111 or HIST 2112)

         PHED 2202 or BIOL 2190 or AHSC 2202: Principles of Nutrition

         MATH 1001 (1101) or MATH 1111

         COMM 1100

         PSYC 1101

         SOCI 1101

         BIOL 2161K

         Humanities Elective (ARTS 1113, MUSC 1100, or PHIL 1000)

The following course MUST be completed by the end of Spring semester that you are applying:

         BIOL 2121K

         BIOL 2122K

         CHEM 1151K

 Other Requirements:

                  Cumulative GPA must be at least 2.5

         SAT score is required for admission.  A combined score of Math and Critical Reading components must be at least 850 for application

         The top 20 applicants will have an interview scheduled (only 14 will be admitted to program)

         Documentation of 30 hours of observation (at least 15 hours with a hygienist) in a general dental practice

         Three Reference Letters required

         An official hard copy of all college transcripts must be submitted with application.

         Admissions Formula for Dental Hygiene:

Core Curriculum Hours          35%

Core Curriculum GPA            25%

SAT or ACT                        10%

Science GPA                         5%

Science Hours Completed        5%

References                           5%

Personal Statement                5%

Interview                            10%

         Application deadline is March 1st


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