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 Curriculum (CPC) Deficiencies

CPC deficiencies are determined by Admissions at the time of acceptance, when students change majors, and when students return within five years of “stopping out”. 

CPC deficiency in English or Mathematics may NOT be satisfied by transfer courses from any other institution.  Any student who is identified as CPC deficient in English or Mathematics MUST pass COMPASS or take the required learning support courses in those areas.  

CPC deficiencies ONLY apply to students within transfer programs who have graduated (should have graduated) within the past five years.  CPC deficiencies are evaluated in five subject areas and can be satisfied as follows: 

English:            Passing score on COMPASS Exam, ENGL 0099, ENGL 1101

Math:               Passing score on COMPASS Exam, MATH 0097, MATH 0099

Science*:         BIOL 1010K, CHEM 1151K, GEOL 1121K,  GEOL 1123K**, PHSC 1011K,  PHSC 1012K***

Social Science:            ECON 2105, ECON 2106, GEOG 1101, HIST 1111,

                                 HIST 1112, HIST 1121, HIST 1122, PSYC 1101,

                                 SOCI 1101

 Foreign Language:      SPAN 1001

CPC deficiency courses DO NOT apply towards graduation or transfer hours within the University of Georgia system and must be passed with a grade of “C” or better.


*All science courses have a prerequisite of Math 0097 or Math 0099.

**GEOL 1123K can be taken towards a CPC deficiency without having taken GEOL 1121K

***PHSC 1012K can be taken towards a CPC deficiency without having taken PHSC 1101K.

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