Georgia Highlands College: MUSC 1100

Music Appreciation

Robert Adams, Assistant Professor of Music



Final Project: In groups of three or four, you will present together in class an eight to ten minute power point presentation.


Purpose: Students will learn how to research and present a musical artistŐs life and works using a variety of resources.


Procedure: Each group will choose a musical artist or composer from a designated list and create a power point presentation that covers the life and works of the artist. In order to receive full credit the presentation must contain information about the following:


Briefly introduce the artist, his/her life, and why this person is important to music. Include Biographical information such as: date of birth and death, life history (education, employment, and family), most important works, and how the artist fits into the parameters of the musical period (for instance their influence on others).


The presentation should also include an example of the artistŐs music.


Works cited: This is a very important aspect of the project and adheres to the mission of IC @ GHC. It demonstrates that you and your group have done research and that your presentation is grounded in legitimate factual sources. You must document three sources, only one allowed from the Internet (Wikipedia is NOT allowed.) Check the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, other books at the school library, and public libraries for sources. Works Cited format should follow the MLA guidelines. For examples visit: The works cited should be located on the final screen of your presentation. Also the GHC library tutorial - the ŇOnline Library Learning CenterÓ can be of particular help to you on this assignment, specifically units 7, 8, and 9. This is the website:



The presentation will be worth 100 points and the grading is outlined by the following rubric.



Presentation contains little information


5 points

Presentation contains basic information


10 points

Presentation contains good information



15 points

Presentation contains outstanding information


20 points

Points granted

Biographical & Cultural Information






Important compositions & their historical significance

(SLO#1 Determine*)






Selected Music and other visual/audio aids






Presentation was engaging and exciting

(SLO #4







Works Cited Page using proper MLA format

(SLO #3















Students should be able to:

            *Determine the nature and extent of information needed

            Access the needed information effectively and efficiently

            *Evaluate information and its sources critically

            *Demonstrate IC through writing or other modes of communication