As a visitor to my website, you need to know that most of my content material and my syllabi are in Georgia View VISTA.  VISTA  is an interactive tool used in my classes to view content files and folders, video and audio links,  urls,  images, and group discussion—materials which I  have created and organized in unit folders.  Students currently enrolled in my classes  should be able to access VISTA class information from any location if they have internet access. Each semester, I load  syllabi in the syllabus module (left of my VISTA homepage) for each of my classes . At Georgia Highlands College, all students have VISTA accounts, without charge,  through the University System’s Georgia View VISTA Initiative.  Enrolled students have specific logons and passwords in order to access and use VISTA.

In my classes, VISTA never takes the place of student /teacher interaction.  In  traditional classes, I always tell students that I can send the files via e-mail if they cannot access those via VISTA, or I assist students in printing the VISTA files before they leave campus. The notes and Powerpoints in VISTA are ALWAYS discussed in class. Some files in VISTA are optional--for enrichment only,  but I find that students usually enjoy those most.

In my 2121 British Literature I and 2112 World Literature II hybrids,  which meet one day per week for face-to-face lecture/ group discussion , students are expected to interact more frequently within VISTA.  Students must critically think about reading selections and respond in VISTA  via blogs/discussions before our face-to-face group discussions. Additionally, they  must complete other writing assignments and oral research presentations.  Most find that they enjoy these courses and actually learn a great deal about literature, history, and different cultures—the interrelationships among the humanities.

 The following courses are those I teach most frequently:

Š       English 1102, Composition II  is a writing course. Students read  and discuss short stories, poetry and drama and write  literary essays about these  in addition to researching  and writing the MLA documented longer research paper.  Students must have completed English 1101 with the grade of at least "C" before taking English 1102.

Š       English 2112 World Literature II  is the study of world literature from 1600 to the present day, encompassing selected, diverse authors representing European, Asian, African, Native American, American, and South American cultures. In the study of several texts, historical and cultural influences, as well as literary movements, become focal points.  Students must have completed English 1102 and English 1102 with the grade of at least "C" before enrolling in this course. In my traditional 212 World Literature II classes, Vista is used, but not to the extent that it is used in the hybrid course

Š       English 2121 British Literature I is the study of British literature-- approximately 700 A. D. to the mid-1600s.  Early
               Anglo-Saxon literature, medieval literature, Renaissance drama, selected  metaphysical and 17th  century poetry,
               and  selections from Milton's 17th century  literary epic are cornerstones of the course . Students must have  
               completed English 1102 and English 1102 with the  grade of at least "C" before enrolling in this course. English 2111 
               is NOT a prerequisite for this course.  Students use VISTA in  my  traditional 2121 British Literature I  classes,
               but certainly not to the same extent as hybrid students.

 If you are not in my classes and need to see a copy of one of my syllabi, please e-mail me explaining what information you need and the specific syllabus you want me to send you so that I can fulfill your
request via e-mail attachment--smunn@highlands.edu      I truly enjoy teaching , as well as learning and trying new ways of approaching this process, and  I  would love to share materials with those who may be interested—students or faculty. Please e-mail me if you have any questions about my syllabi or my VISTA courses.

                                                           Best to you,
                                                           Sue Munn
                                                           Associate Professor of English
                                                           Georgia Highlands College