MLA Citation Mechanics Quiz

True or False

1.   _____ GALILEO is a collection of databases which feature articles and links to academic research.


2.   _____ Paraphrasing is when a person substantially changes the wording of source material without altering meaning.


3.   _____ Whenever possible, source material should be paraphrased as it is used within a research paper.


4.   _____A paraphrase requires a parenthetical citation.


5.   _____ Direct quotes which are four lines or less in length must include quotation marks.


6.   _____ The parenthetical citation at the end of the quote reflects the first word(s) of that citation entry on the works cited page.


7.   _____ When an electronic copy of an article is in .html format, the parenthetical citation includes no page number.


8.   _____ A parenthetical citation for an article which has no named author should include the title of the article and page number when available.


9.   _____The following quote by Desmond Tutu from page 2 of a published essay he wrote has proper use of parenthesis, quotes, punctuation: “We are prisoners of hope” (Tutu 2).


10.                  ______A quote which is five lines or longer should be indented ten spaces from left margin and have no quotation marks.


11.                  _____ All entries on a works cited page must also be cited parenthetically within the research paper.


12.                  _____The entries on the works cited page should be double spaced.


13.                  _____The entries on the works cited page should be arranged alphabetically by authors’ last names or first major words of titles when no author is named.