Patterson’s ENGL1102 Literature Response Essay One Assignment - TR

Choose one of the topics below and write a 450-800 word essay, due at the beginning of class on March 12. The essay should be typed in MS Word, double-spaced, with one- inch margins,12 point font and MLA header/running head. Essay must be submitted to by the due date. (Papers not submitted to Turn It In will not be graded.)



Your essay should include an introduction paragraph in which you present a clear thesis. Because you are discussing a story or stories, you should also mention the title and the author of each in the introduction, with the titles of short stories in quotation marks. The essay should have two to three well-developed body paragraphs, with your observations supported by well-chosen quotations and specific details from the literature. After all direct quotes, cite the page number of the quote parenthetically at the end of the sentence. Finally, the conclusion paragraph should adequately summarize the paper without being repetitive.


Remember that a solid analysis requires moving beyond surface-level “who-what-where-when” information to provide answers to “why” and “how”.


You will be graded on how solidly your paper is developed and organized, how well you use specific details to support your thesis by employing adequate quotations and paraphrases from the literature, how effectively you use literary terminology from your fiction/drama terms sheet, and how precisely you use standard grammar and punctuation.  See the handout on writing about literature and handout on literary analysis for additional guidelines.


This essay should be your original work with no research of any kind. Create your own analysis; do not replicate that of others. And as always, evidence of plagiarism will result in a zero (-0-) for the assignment.




Topic choices:


-How does setting affect the plot and character development of Updike’s “A&P” or of Faulkner’s “Rose for Emily”? Remember that setting refers to many elements, including both time and place, as well as historical and social contexts.


-Despite their obvious differences, how are the characters of John from Gillman’s “The Yellow Wall-paper” and Leroy from Mason’s “Shiloh” alike? Discuss how these similarities affect the characters’ actions and literary development.


-Examine the similarities in the characters of Mrs. Mallard from Chopin’s “Story of an Hour” and the female protagonist in Gillman’s “The Yellow Wall-paper. In the process, discuss how the historical/cultural setting of the stories affects the development of these characters.