English 1102-TR  Anthology of Poetry” Paper/Presentation Assignment


From your text, choose a poet who is not included in our syllabus and one of his/her poems from the section labeled “An Anthology of Poems” on pages 737 through 877. Then, compose an with the following elements:


1) a brief discussion (no more than ˝ page) of the life of the poet, and if pertinent, a mention of other famous works by him/her. (www.biography.com and http://www.poets.org/poets/index.cfm are good sources for information on many poets’ lives, though all may not be included here. The library also has several reference books which will provide similar information.)


2) appropriate parenthetical and works cited entries for all information gained from research sources used in the poet’s biography


3) a basic and original exposition, using no research or secondary sources, of the selected poem which includes at least four terms from your “poetry terms” sheet. Obvious choices would include, but not be limited to, tone, theme, imagery, figurative language, meter, rhythm, rhyme scheme, verse form (free verse, blank verse, lyric, etc.).


Essays should be at least 500 words. Remember to cite all external sources of information in MLA style both parenthetically and in a works cited page. Inadequate citation and paraphrasing are both examples of plagiarism, and evidence of plagiarism will result in a zero for the assignment.


THE ESSAY WILL BE THE LAST LITERARY RESPONSE ESSAY FOR THE SEMESTER and will be due April 18 at the start of class in print and submitted www.turnintin.com by that time. Essays not submitted to www.turnitnin.com will not be graded.


Then, during our final two meetings of the semester you will DISCUSS YOUR POEM WITH THE CLASS FOR APPROXIMATELY FIVE MINUTES. You may, but are not required to, use visuals to enhance your presentation. The document camera, computer (with PowerPoint), internet and projector will be available as needed. You will sign-up during class on April 9  for a time and date to deliver your presentation on either April 18 or April 23. No make-up will be provided for students who are absent on the dates of their presentations and have not notified me in advance plus provided written validation of the absences. On the date of your presentation, return this evaluation form to me.


The grade you earn on the project will reflect the content of both the paper/PowerPoint and the in-class presentation.




(Return this form with your name and your selected poem’s title on the day of your presentation)


Presentation Evaluation


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