Name: ___________________   (return this form stapled to the front of your rough draft)


Patterson’s ENGL 1102 Rough Draft Evaluation

Areas checked below apply to your paper….



Y      N      Paper submitted to



Y      N      Text of the paper has solid grammar and punctuation (NOTE: The paper is NOT “proofread” for you in this evaluation, as you remain responsible for finding and correcting all grammar and punctuation issues for the final draft. This evaluation provides only a general overview of this area.)



Y      N      Paper is well-organized



Y      N      Text of the paper is adequately developed and supported



Y      N      Sources used in paper support thesis and are valid academic sources



Y      N      Only GALILEO or GIL online sources are used



Y      N      Parenthetical citations are in correct MLA format



Y      N      Text includes citations for material which is from an external source



Y      N      Material used from sources seems to be adequately paraphrased



Y      N      Paper has at least five cited sources with an appropriate variety of sources



Y      N      Heading on first page and running heads on each page are in correct MLA format



Y      N      Works cited page has correct layout and/or formatting



If you have specific question on any of the above issues or need assistance in correcting such, schedule an appointment with me immediately. Email or speak with me after class for available dates and times. You may also go to the Tutorial Center on for assistance.


You will have some time to refine your final packet, asking any needed questions ­­­­­_______________ during class, with packets due at the start of the _____________ class session.


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