English 1101 MW Essay 1: Narrative



-400-700 words

-Typed in MS Word, 12 point font with one-inch margins, double-spacing and MLA heading as seen in the Harbrace chapter 33’s paper example  – replacing “section” with class time/days

-Topics must be approved verbally, in-person or by email by January 30.

-Final draft due February 4 when class begins as a hardcopy (printed version) and must be submitted to www.turnitin.com by the due date. (Papers not submitted to Turn It In will not be graded.)


Write a well-developed narrative essay. In a narrative, you tell a story. That is, you describe some significant event or incident. The significance of the event will give the narrative its thesis – and provide focus for the whole essay.


You may choose your own topic, but I must approve it. Consider an incident which you experienced, either as a participant or witness. The possibilities include a memorable occasion; a hunting, fishing or sporting event; a travel experience; an episode which changed you in some way; an incident which taught you something; an occurrence which struck danger, terror, excitement, romance, embarrassment or amusement.


The essay should have an introductory paragraph which will include the thesis sentence wherein you present the subject and your attitude towards it. The essay should also have a number of body paragraphs which prove your main point as they present the story. And finally, it should have a conclusion paragraph that reflects upon the paper’s content and  brings closure in an original, non-repetitive way. Depending on the narrative, your essay should be between four and six paragraphs long. Furthermore, remember to include enough descriptive details to make the narrative vivid to the reader and help him/her imagine the event without having been there.


We will revise rough drafts during a portion of the class on January 30. This means you should have your rough draft completed and bring it to class on that date to ask needed questions, not come to class then and begin the paper. I also encourage you to have a classmate or someone whose grammar and punctuation skills you trust review your rough draft.