Patterson’s English 1101 MW - Descriptive Essay Assignment


-500-800 words

-Typed in MS Word, 12 point font, 1” margins, double-spaced with MLA headers

-Final draft due February 13 at the beginning of class in printed form, and essay must be submitted to by the due date. (Papers not submitted to Turn It In will not be graded.)


Write a well-developed, grammatically and mechanically sound essay on one of the topics below:


-Describe your favorite vacation location, or a place you go when you want to “escape” routine life. Include details which explain why you value and admire this location.


-Describe a disaster scene (an accident, a natural disaster, etc.) you have observed first-hand. The impact the scene had upon you as an observer can form your thesis and help determine the details you include.


-Describe your most interesting relative or friend. Realize that “most interesting” means someone other than you would likely share that appraisal of the person, and note that the topic is NOT asking you to describe the person you “love the most,” as that individual may or may not be your most interesting friend or relative.


-Describe a person who has had a positive impact upon your life, and use specific examples which illustrate how this individual has positively influenced you.