Verb and Homonym Review

Choose the word that best completes the sentence, and write your answers on a separate sheet of paper. Use the the irregular verb chart in chapter 4 and the glossary of usage within the Harbrace handbook as your guide.


1.     How do childhood memories a)affect b)effect adults?

2.     We always eat a)to b)too c)two much at Thanksgiving.

3.     I didnít mean a)to b)too c)two upset her with my news.

4.     A)Than B)Then she went down a one-way street.

5.     Most of the voters will register a)their b)there c)theyíre.

6.     Sometimes you have to a)except b)accept things as they are.

7.     I will volunteer a)sense b)since you donít have time.

8.     Is this a)where b)wear c)were you dropped your glasses?

9.     They a)where b)wear c)were perfect for the parts.

10. The union lost a)its b)itís bargaining power.

11. The students have a)gone b)went to class every day this semester.

12. Two of the windows are a)broke b)broked c)broken.

13. Maria had a)rised b)rose c)risen early to watch the sunrise.

14. A)Lie B)Lay your stuff down, and join me for lunch.

15. Gas prices have a)rise b)risen c)raised again.

16. What did you a)set b)sit on this table that made a ring?

17. Cody will a)defiantly b)definitely be here during spring break.

18. What is the a)affect b)effect of nature vs. nurture?

19. It surprised me that she a)led b)lead him down the hall.

20. Kelsey had a)swim b)swam c)swum in the lake since she was little.